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20170306 Dating ish 01 (2).jpg de Penny Reid (2017)

Résumé : There are three things you need to know about Marie Harris: 1) She's fed up with online dating, 2) She's so fed up, she's willing to forego the annoyance and consider more creative alternatives, and 3) She knows how to knit.

After the most bizarre and irritating first date in the history of humankind, Marie is looking for an alternative to men. With the help of her friends, she quickly identifies a few possibilities : Need a cuddle ? Use a professional cuddler. Need affirmation ? Get yourself a life coach. Need an orgasm ? Try orgasm meditation ! Why does she need the hassle of a romantic partner when she can meet all her needs with paid services ?

But then her irritating date resurfaces. And he's not at all the person she thought he was. And he suggests a different--and crazier--solution to her dilemma... As everyone knows (or will soon come to realize), traditional relations between humans are a thing of the past. Robots are our future. And if robots are our future, then why do we need other people at all ?

Une fois n'est pas coutume, ce blog reprend vie juste pour Penny Reid xD et à chaque fois, je vous annonce que ce nouveau livre est super trop bien et qu'il faut le lire. Alors certes, étant une très grande fan, je suis toujours très enthousiaste, mais là ya de quoi (vraiment ^^).

A chaque roman, Penny nous offre une histoire différente des précédentes, celle de Marie et Matt est déroutante et touchante. Attendez-vous à devoir réfléchir sur des sujets qui ne vous seraient jamais passé par la tête : et si l'avenir du couple était avec un robot ? O_o

Marie et Matt ne se rencontrent pas dans les meilleurs conditions, cela aurait pu rester anecdotique pour Marie, mais il se trouve que Matt est le voisin sexy de Fiona et Greg. Le premier choc passé, et au nom de la science, Matt accepte que Marie l'interview sur ses recherches dans l'intelligence artificielle, et spécifiquement dans le domaine des relations humaines.

Marie et Matt vont d'abord devenir amis avant d'être plus. Il est très agréable de suivre leur évolution, de les voir tomber amoureux l'un de l'autre, se confronter leurs idées, de les voir réfléchir et tester tant bien que mal les substituts modernes au couple xD ... Et puis franchement, quand ils se lâchent l'un sur l'autre c'est super méga hot *-* #faischaudici

Quel bonheur de retrouver tout le gang des filles (et leurs hommes). On a plusieurs scènes totalement géniales... Et puis alors que dire de ce qui va nous tomber dessus pour le prochain et dernier tome !!


I know, I know, this blog revives just for Penny Reid xD and every time I say that her new book is super awesome and that you should read it. Of course, being a very big fan, I'm still very enthusiastic, but there is something with this one (really ^^).

With each novel, Penny offers us a different story from the previous ones, Marie and Matt's is confusing and touching. You should expect to think about subjects that would never have crossed your mind : what if a couple's future was with a robot? O_o

Marie and Matt don't meet under the best conditions, it could have remained anecdotal for Mary, but Matt turns out to be Fiona and Greg sexy neighbor. Once Marie gets over it, in the name of science Matt agrees to let Marie interview him on his research in artificial intelligence, and specifically in the field of human relations.

Marie and Matt will first become friends before being more. It's very pleasant to follow their evolution, to see them fall in love, confront their ideas, to see them think and test modern substitutes to the couple xD ... And well, when they start to jump each other it's super mega hot *-* #itshotinhere

What a joy to see the whole gang again (and their guys). We have several totally brilliant scenes... And what about what will fall us for the next and final book !!


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Beard Science

cover4.jpg de Penny Reid (2016).

Synopsis : Jennifer Sylvester wants one thing, and that one thing is NOT to be Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen. Ever the perpetual good girl and obedient daughter, Jennifer is buckling under the weight of her social media celebrity, her mother’s ambitions, and her father’s puritanical mandates. Jennifer is officially desperate.

And desperate times call for Cletus Winston.

Cletus Winston is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery covered in conundrum sauce, and now he’s in a pickle. Despite being convinced of his own omniscience, extortion by the exalted Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley has taken him completely by surprise. So... what’s a maniacal mastermind to do?

Likely, the last thing you expect.

Je préfère prévenir tout de suite cette review est n'est pas hyper objective (boooooouh), comment ne pas aimer un bouquin dont l'un des personnages tertiaire (on est même pas dans le secondaire là) porte son nom ? J'ai aidé Penny à traduire 3 phrases et en retour me voilà nommer dans son livre... Cela met forcément dans un bon état d'esprit à la lecture ^^ .

Tome 3 de la série des Winston Brothers, "Beard Science" nous conte l'histoire de Cletus (3e frère dans l'ordre biologique) et de Jennifer, déjà croisée furtivement dans les livres précédents. Jennifer est à un point critique, elle n'en peut plus de ses parents, il faut un plan de secours et la seule personne à pouvoir l'aider c'est Cletus Winston. Et s'il a pas envie, c'est pas grave, elle n'aura qu'à le faire chanter xD

Pauvre Cletus, une avalanche de gâteau à la banane est en train de lui tomber dessus. D'abord curieux de savoir ce que Jennifer a dans le ventre, il va très vite succomber au muffin goût pancake et revoir ses plans futurs car impossible ensuite que la Banana Queen et le Sausage King n'ai pas leur *happily ever after*. Cletus et Jennifer sont mignons ensembles : elle le surprend et le voit tel qu'il est vraiment, il l'encourage dans ses rêves et lui redonne confiance en elle...

J'ai eu faim tout le temps, à force de lire à propos de gâteau à la banane, de muffins et autres petites merveilles de pâtisserie ; j'ai eu mal pour Jennifer à cause de ses parents horribles, de leurs critiques constantes et de leur manque de considération >_< ; j'ai eu très envie d'avoir les tomes de Billy et de Duane ; j'ai couiné parce qu'on revoit évidemment Drew et Jethro

penny reid,beard science

I am warning you this review is not objective (boooooouh), how can I not love a book where one of the tertiary characters (we're not even talking about secondary characters) bears my name ? I helped Penny translate 3 sentences and in return she put my name in her book... This ultimately puts me in a good state of mind to read ^^.

Volume 3 of Winston Brothers series, "Beard Science" tells us the story of Cletus (3rd brother in the biological order) and Jennifer, that we already saw in earlier books. Jennifer is at a critical point, she's had enough of her parents and need a rescue plan and the only person who can help her is Cletus Winston. And if he's not in the mood to help, it doesn't matter, she will have to blackmail him xD

Poor Cletus, an avalanche of banana cake is falling on him. First curious about what Jennifer on him, he quickly succumb to muffins that taste like pancake and think over his future plans, because it soon became impossible for the Banana Queen and the Sausage King not to have their happily ever after. Cletus and Jennifer are cute together : she surprises him and sees him as he really is, he encourages her in her dreams and gives her confidence to face her parents...

I was hungry all the time, reading about banana cake, muffins and other small pastry wonders ; I felt bad for Jennifer because of her horrible parents, their constant criticism and lack of consideration >_< ; I longed to have the books of Billy and Duane ; I squealed because we obviously have a few scenes with Drew and Jethro


Grin and Beard It

Penny Reid GABI Cover.jpg de Penny Reid (2016).

Présentation de l'auteur : Sienna Diaz is everyone’s favorite “fat” funny lady. The movie studio executives can’t explain it, but her films are out-grossing all the fit and trim headliners and Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. The simple truth is, everyone loves plus-sized Sienna.

But she has a problem, she can’t read maps and her sense of direction is almost as bad as her comedic timing is stellar. Therefore, when Sienna’s latest starring role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park she finds herself continually lost while trying to navigate the backroads of Green Valley, Tennessee. Much to her consternation, Sienna’s most frequent savior is a ridiculously handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston.

Sienna is accustomed to high levels of man-handsome, so it’s not Jethro’s chiseled features or his perfect physique that make Sienna stutter. It’s his southern charm. And gentlemanly manners. And habit of looking at her too long and too often.

Sienna has successfully navigated the labyrinth of Hollywood heart-throbs. But can she traverse the tenuous trails of Tennessee without losing her head? Or worse, her heart ?


2e opus de la série des frères Winston de Penny Reid, après Duane voici donc l'histoire de Jethro, l'aîné de la fratrie .

Un beau jour, notre Park Ranger préféré va venir en aide à une demoiselle en détresse. Celle-ci est en train de réduire à néant sa carte routière en lui sautant dessus et en maudissant son mauvais karma. Sienna tombe immédiatement sur le charme de ce grand barbu au sourire ravageur, qui flirte sans vergogne et qui la considère comme une femme normale... Oui parce que Sienna a une "identité secrète" : c'est une actrice-scénariste hyper connue... Sauf de Jethro, qui se sent absolument pas concerné par les people d'Hollywood xD . Et donc ces deux-là flirtent tant qu'ils peuvent, et ça passe bien, ça passe tellement bien que Sienna a des remords de lui avoir caché qui elle est.

Vous vous dites surement que là, on aura la révélation à la fin du romance avec plein de retournements de situation... Non, point du tout, comme dans d'autres de ses romans, Penny Reid ne tombe pas dans le cliché : Jethro va apprendre qui est vraiment Sienna, et assez tôt.

L'histoire de Sienna et Jethro c'est deux personnes venant d'univers totalement différents, qui vont devenir fous l'un de l'autre et qui vont devoir se poser des questions pas simples, afin de se donner une chance. Le passé de Jethro n'est pas glorieux pour la carrière de Sienna, et celle-ci amène toute la presse people avec elle dans une petite ville tranquille du Tennessee.

Outre Jethro, on a plein de Cletus dans ce tome et quelques passages intenses avec Billy (rhaaaa vivement son tome à lui, mais ce sera le dernier grrrrr xD).

penny reid,grin and beard it

This is the second book in the Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid, after Duane here is the story of Jethro, the eldest brother .

One day, our favorite Park Ranger help a damsel in distress. She is destroying her map by jumping on it and cursing her bad karma. Sienna immediately falls for this great bearded man with a killer smile, flirting shamelessly with her and who treats her like a normal woman... Because Sienna has a "secret identity" : she is a Hollywood-famous writer and actress... Except Jethro is absolutely not concerned by Hollywood xD. And so the two of them flirt as much as they can, and it works well, it goes so well that Sienna has remorse lying to him.

You probably think that we will have the revelation at the end of the bokk with lots of twists... No, not at all, as in other of her novels, Penny Reid does not fall into the cliche : Jethro will learn who is really Sienna soon enough.

Sienna and Jethro's history is about two people from completely different worlds, who will become crazy about each other and will have ask themselves hard questions in order to give them a chance. Jethro's past is not glorious for the career of Sienna, and she brings all the tabloids with her in this small quiet town of Tennessee.

In addition to Jethro, this book was full of Cletus and some intense passages with Billy (rhaaaa I can't wait for his book, but it will be the last grrrrr xD).

About Penny Reid

Penny Reid is the USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she's not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She's also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

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