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Hotshot and Hospitality

20210416-GVL08-EVERLY-EBOOK.jpg de Nora Everly - SmartyPants Romances 2021

Résumé : Molly Cooper is through with men. She means it this time. Being stood up and humiliated was the last straw.
But after her all grown up and smokin’ hot childhood bestie kissed her to help her save face, she’s left wondering if it was the tequila or his lips that gave her all the feels.

Garrett Monroe had no intention of falling for his childhood best friend. Unfortunately, one unplanned kiss in a bar was all it took for him to stumble. Now he’s stuck with a crush that won’t quit on the most stubborn woman he’s ever known.

Soon enough they’re overwhelmed by out-of-control feelings, one match making momma, and two tight knit families who think they’re dating when they’re not. Or are they?

Nothing stays secret in Green Valley, Tennessee. Can Molly and Garrett navigate the nosy waters and fall for each other in private?
Or will secrets sink their friendship instead?

J'ai été moins emballée par cette romance, c'était un peu too much dans la mièvrerie pour moi xD ... Ca me dérange pas quand c'est tout mimi tout plein, mais là j'avais l'impression que c'était forcé à certains moments.

Les personnages sont intéressants, leurs histoires personnelles aussi. L'intrigue est pas exceptionnelle, le fake-dating c'est pas nouveau dans la romance... Ce roman ne m'a pas déplu, mais j'ai pas adoré non plus, juste qu'il ne restera pas dans mon souvenir, je pense qu'il sera vite oublié avec le temps malheureusement. Et pourtant, j'avais bien aimé les tomes précédents avec les autres frères Monroe ^^.

Garrett et Molly ont énormément de potentiel, étant amis d'enfance, il y a tout un contexte entre eux, le passage de meilleurs amis à amants en passant par la case "on fait semblant" les chamboule un peu, mais en même temps c'est tellement logique. Enfin c'est logique pour leurs familles, leurs amis, tout Green Valley... sauf eux xD

Je pense qu'au bout d'un moment, j'en avais marre que Molly s'enfonce encore et encore dans son manque de confiance en elle, surtout quand Garrett fait tout pour la rassurer... Bon elle réalise vite son erreur, mais ça aurait pu être éviter, si elle s'était posé 2 secondes pour réfléchir, bref.

Sinon, je kiffe les frères de Molly, je veux leurs histoires (à ceux qui sont pas encore casés) xD

nora everly,hotshort and hospitality,smartypants romance

I was less thrilled by this romance, there was a little too much mushiness for me xD... I don't mind when it's all cute and lovely, but here I had the impression that it was forced sometimes.

The characters are interesting, their personal stories too. The plot is not exceptional, fake-dating is not new in romance... I didn't dislike it, but I didn't adore it either, just that it will not remain in my memory, I think it will be quickly forgotten over time unfortunately. And yet, I really liked the previous books with the other Monroe brothers ^^.

Garrett and Molly have a lot of potential, being childhood friends, there is a whole context between them, the transition from best friends to lovers, passing through the "we pretend to date" thing, upsets them a bit but at the same time it makes so much sense. Well, it makes sense for their families, their friends, all of Green Valley... except for them xD

I think after a while, I was weary of Molly drowning in her of self-doubt, especially when Garrett does everything to reassure her... she quickly realizes her mistake, but it could have been avoided if she had taken 2 seconds to think about it before acting on impulse.

Otherwise, I love Molly's brothers, I want their stories (those who are not yet settled) xD

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