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Smart Mouth

202110-WFI-04-FINAL.jpg d'Emma Lee Jayne (2022) - SmartyPants Romance

Résumé : The rockstar.
There are lots of assumptions people make about rockstars. Shallow. Player. Addict. The truth? I’m none of those.
The even bigger truth…the only opinion I care about is her’s and she hates me. Her as in Gwen Matthews, my twin brother’s best friend, the unrequited love of my life. She thinks I’m a liar and a jerk which is why I pretend to be my brother when she needs help one night.
Except Gwen is a genius. Literally. So it doesn’t take her long to figure out it’s me and not my brother, but maybe, just maybe, she’s willing to give me a second chance. Because maybe when she looks at me, she only sees a rockstar with her best friend’s face, but when I look at her, I see my other half. She centers me in a way that no rhythm or line of lyric ever could.

The scientist.
I have three priorities in life at the moment: finish my research, defend my dissertation, and get my Ph.D., so that I can actually figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. Tom Mendoza won’t help me achieve any of those things. Yet I can’t help the sudden feeling that I’ve been completely wrong about him all this time.
The day we first met when we were both teenagers, I saw a glimpse of a sweet, funny boy that felt very much like a kindred spirit; awkward and full of energy and dreams. But that guy seemed to disappear and in his place was this stereotypical stupidly hot rock star that did not make sense in my world.
Being a scientist means being willing to admit when you’re wrong and reevaluating everything. I might not understand much about human behavior, but I can clearly see the tender underbelly that Tom protects. The subtle rituals he uses to stave off his anxiety. Yes, he’s ridiculously hot, but his soul just might be more beautiful than his face and I’m not sure what to do with that.

Especially when I find out that he’s in love with me.

Gwen et Tom se connaissent depuis leur adolescence, ils s'entendaient bien et auraient pu devenir les meilleurs amis du monde (voir plus) mais voilà, les circonstances les ont séparé et ils ont fait leur vie chacun de leur côté. Jusqu'à ce que l'univers les mettent à nouveau sur le même chemin.

Complètement dépitée après un rencard horrible, Gwen appelle James à l'aide. James c'est le frère jumeau de Tom, celui avec qui elle s'entend toujours bien. Sauf que c'est Tom qui intercepte le message et qui va venir l'aider. Tom, lui a toujours eu un faible pour Gwen, mais il n'a jamais compris pourquoi elle le déteste autant. Ce soir là, Tom pensait qu'il aurait juste à ramener Gwen chez elle, et elle n'aurait jamais su qu'il n'était pas le bon frère, évidemment rien ne se passe comme prévu : ils se sont embrassé, ils ont a priori bien kiffé, mais Gwen a réalisé qui il était. Et là c'est le drame...

Gwen est toute chamboulée car pourquoi la rockstar s'intéresserait à elle, il n'a jamais voulu être son ami. Vous vous en doutez, ces deux-là vont avoir plein de mise-au-point à faire, des quiproquos qui ont été nourris en partie par James (l'autre frère). Gwen va découvrir que derrière le talent et la gloire se cache un jeune homme qui n'a jamais rêvé d'être une star, qui souffre d'anxiété, mais quelqu'un qui s'intéresse à elle et qui n'hésite pas à se battre pour elle, même quand elle n'en a plus la force.

Le seul bémol serait sur le rythme un peu rapide de l'histoire, qui aurait pu prendre un peu plus de temps, le roman est un peu court et ça n'aurait pas fait de mal d'avoir 100 pages de plus afin de donner plus de place à la partie séduction, ré-apprivoisement des deux héros.

smart mouth,emma lee jayne,smartypants romance

Gwen and Tom have known each other since they were teenagers, they got along well and could have become the best friends in the world (and more) but then, circumstances separated them and they went their own way. Until the universe puts them on the same path again.

Completely upset after a horrible date, Gwen calls James for help. James is Tom's twin brother, the one she always gets along with. Except that Tom intercepts the message and it's him who will come to help. Tom has always had a soft spot for Gwen, but he never understood why she hates him so much. That night, Tom thought he would just have to take Gwen home, and she would never have known he wasn't the right brother, of course nothing goes as planned : they kissed, they liked it, but Gwen realized who he was. And here comes the drama...

Gwen is shaken because why would the rockstar be interested in her, he never wanted to be her friend. As you can imagine, these two are going to have a lot of clarifications to do, misunderstandings that were partly fueled by James (the other brother). Gwen will discover that behind the talent and the fame hides a young man who never dreamed of being a star, who suffers from anxiety, but someone who is interested in her and who doesn't hesitate to fight for her, even when she no longer has the strength.

The only downside would be the rather fast pace of the story, which could have taken a little longer, the novel is a bit short and it wouldn't have hurt to have 100 more pages in order to give more room for the seduction part, re-taming of the two heroes.


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