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Beard in Mind

cover bim.jpg de Penny Reid (2017)

Présentation de l'éditeur : Beau Winston is the nicest, most accommodating guy in the world. Usually. Handsome as the devil and twice as charismatic, Beau lives a charmed life as everyone’s favorite Winston Brother. But since his twin decided to leave town, and his other brother hired a stunning human-porcupine hybrid as a replacement mechanic for their auto shop, Beau Winston’s charmed life has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Shelly Sullivan is not nice and is never accommodating. Ever. She mumbles to herself, but won’t respond when asked a question. She glares at everyone, especially babies. She won’t shake hands with or touch another person, but has no problems cuddling with a dog. And her damn parrot speaks only in curse words.

Beau wants her gone. He wants her out of his auto shop, out of Tennessee, and out of his life. The only problem is, learning why this porcupine wears her coat of spikes opens a Pandora’s box of complexity—exquisite, tempting, heartbreaking complexity—and Beau Winston soon discovers being nice and accommodating might mean missing out on what matters most.

J'ai l'impression de me répéter mais à chaque livre, Penny nous sort des trucs de dingues !

Au fil des romans précédent, Beau était pas un de mes Winston préférés, mais être dans sa tête ça change beaucoup de choses, on a envie de lui faire des gros câlins tous le temps et de "l'aider à réparer son frigo" (je laisse l'explication de cette métaphore en suspend, il faudra la lire pour comprendre huhu).

Sinon, la véritable perle ici c'est Shelly. C'est un personnage solaire, elle éclipse tout le monde dans ce roman. A mon avis, l'une des héroïnes les plus abouties de Penny.

Je le recommande fortement ^^. Plus que 2 Winstons après celui-là : Roscoe, dont l'histoire a priori sera mouvementée xD, et enfin Billy qui aura bien mérité sa moitié *coeur coeur coeur*


I feel like repeating myself, but with every book, Penny pulls out of the crazy stuff !

Over the previous novels, Beau was not one of my favorite Winston's, but being in his head changes a lot, we want to give him big cuddles all the time and "help him fix his refrigerator" (I leave the explanation of this metaphor suspended, you will have to read the book to understand huhu).

Otherwise, the real pearl here is Shelly. She is a solar character, She outshines everyone in this novel. In my opinion, one of Penny's most accomplishedheroines.

I highly recommend this book ^^. 2 Winstons more after this one : Roscoe, whose story will be eventful xD, and finally Billy who will deserve his soulmate with passion *heart heart heart *



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