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Band Together

208425152.jpg de Piper Sheldon - SmartyPants Romance (à paraître le 2 mai)

Résumé : Leo Cooper is back in Green Valley to hide.
Not fall in love with the tenacious band director who's determined to drag him into the light.
After being kicked out of his massively successful rock band, Leo is content to spend Bunco nights with his mom, lay low making snacks, and lick his wounds. He'd rather work in his garden than give any attention to his failed music career.
Cut to the gorgeous high school band director relentlessly popping up in his life, making demands, and talking about giving back to the community.

Mari Mitchell knows what it's like to be overlooked.
She's determined to do whatever it takes to ensure her students get the best shot possible even if that means running herself ragged.
And when a former rockstar returns to town, who could be better to help her favorite student make their dreams come true?
Does it matter that he's a moody musician who reminds her of a handsome tragic hero of an old-timey movie?
She's too busy for things like burning hot physical attraction and chemistry that won't quit. She needs Leo for more than his irresistible drummer arms. No matter how amazing they feel wrapped around her...

But what nobody knows is that the hit to Leo’s pride was a big one, and Mari might be asking too much.
Can these two band together? Or will their painful pasts prevent them from having the future they deserve?

Note : 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

Bon je suis un peu biaisée, je suis déjà très fan de la façon dont Piper Sheldon raconte ses histoires. C’était un peu couru d’avance que j’aime celui-là.

On découvre les deux héros dans le tome précédent "Passing Notes", certaines scènes du début se passent en parallèle du tome 1.

Mari est professeur de musique au lycée, c’est elle qui anime la fanfare et une de ses élèves va avoir une audition dans une prestigieuse université. Cependant pour l’aider à progresser dans ses répétitions, Mari a besoin de l’aide d’un musicien professionnel, et un batteur de surcroît. Heureusement, il y en a un de retour à Green Valley. Mari est déterminée à le recruter à sa cause.

Leo a été viré de son groupe de rock, il est venu panser ses blessures dans sa ville natale chez sa maman. Pour le moment il ne veut plus entendre parler de batterie et préfère passer son temps au jardin à faire pousser des plantes. Il ne veut pas que Mari lui demande d’aider son élève, il ne pense même pas légitime de coacher, lui qui pense avoir raté sa vie et sa carrière.

Mari et Leo ont tous les deux des soucis dans leur vie et ne font pas forcément attention à ça qu’ils projettent sur l’autre. Leurs a priori prennent le devant au début mais ils vont vite se rendre compte qu'ils font fausse route. L'un comme l'autre cachent beaucoup plus de profondeur et de qualités qui ne peut que les rendre irrésistibles.

Même si on ne les voit pas beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup aimé les dynamiques apportées par les personnages secondaires : Cath, l'ado qui va se faire coacher par Leo, et Vander le meilleur ami de Leo.

piper sheldon,band together,smartypants romance

Well I'm a little biased, I'm already a big fan of the way Piper Sheldon tells her stories. It was a bit of a done deal that I liked this one.

The two heroes were introduiced in the previous volume "Passing Notes", certain scenes at the beginning take place in parallel with volume 1.

Mari is a high school music teacher, she leads the marching band and one of her students is going to have an audition at a prestigious university. However, to help her progress in her rehearsals, Mari needs the help of a professional musician, and a drummer at that. Fortunately, there is one back in Green Valley. Mari is determined to recruit him to her cause.

Leo was fired from his rock band, he came to lick his wounds in his hometown with his mother. For the moment he no longer wants to hear about drums and prefers to spend his time in the garden growing plants. He doesn't want Mari to ask him for help with her student, he doesn't even think he is legitimate to coach, he thinks he's failed his life and career.

Mari and Leo both have problems in their lives and don't necessarily pay attention to what they project onto the other. Their preconceptions take over at the beginning but they will quickly realize that they are wrong. Both hide much more depth and qualities which can only make them irresistible.

Even if we don't see them much, I really liked the dynamics brought by the secondary characters: Cath, the teenager who will be coached by Leo, and Vander, Leo's best friend.


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