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43561153.jpg de Julia Kent (2019)

Résumé : It all started with the wrong Help Wanted ad. Of course it did. I’m a professional fluffer. It’s NOT what you think. I stage homes for a living. Real estate agents love me, and my work stands on its own merits. Sigh. Get your mind out of the gutter. Go ahead. Laugh. I’ll wait.

See? That’s the problem. My career has used the term “fluffer” for decades. I didn’t even know there was a more… lascivious definition of the term. Until it was too late. The ad for a “professional fluffer” on Craigslist seemed like divine intervention. My last unemployment check was in the bank. I was desperate. Rent was due. The ad said cash paid at the end of the day. The perfect job!

Staging homes means showing your best angle. The same principle applies in making a certain kind of movie. Turns out a “fluffer” doesn’t arrange decorative pillows on a couch. They arrange other soft, round-ish objects. The job isn’t hard. Er, I mean, it is — it’s about being hard. Or, well… helping other people to be hard.

Oh, man…

And that’s the other problem. A man. No, not one of the stars on the movie set. Will Lotham – my high school crush. The owner of the house where we’re filming. Illegally. In a vacation rental. By the time the cops show up, what I thought was just a great house staging gig turned into a nightmare involving pictures of me with an undressed star, Will rescuing me from an arrest, and a humiliating lesson in my own naivete. My job turned out to be so much harder than I expected. But you know what’s easier than I ever imagined? Having all my dreams come true.

ce roman est sympa et mignon mais pas exceptionnel. le chapitre d'ouverture est tordant avec les doubles sens dans les dialogues et une situation absurde. ensuite ça devient un peu classique, on a toujours quelques bonnes scènes avec les parents de Mallory et ses deux meilleures amies.

le roman est raconté uniquement du point de vue de Mallory, ce qui est dommage car il y a quelques scènes où j'aurais bien aimé savoir que ce Will pensait ^^. l'alchimie entre ces deux-là passe bien, c'est assez drôle dans l'ensemble mais ça aurait pu être plus déjanté, vu le postulat de départ.

lu en ARC


this novel is nice and cute but not exceptional. the opening chapter is hilarious with double meanings dialogues and an absurd situation. then it gets a little classic, we always have some good scenes with Mallory's parents and her two best friends.

he novel is written only from Mallory's POV, which is a bit sad because there are some scenes where I would have liked to know what Will is thinking ^^. the alchemy between these two goes well, it's a pretty funny read but it could have been more crazy considering the opening scene.

ARC provided for an honest review

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